How The Tide Is Turning On Legalized Marijuana

Tide Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization is a big talking point in America. This conversation will take on a different meaning depending on which state you are in. On the side of the spectrum, there are those living in states with legal access to medicinal and recreational marijuana.

On the other, there are those in states where marijuana use is still a criminal act. In the middle, shifts are occurring as states reconsider their views and their laws. The tide is turning on the issue of marijuana decriminalization. For some, this could only mean an overdue measure on legalized marijuana for medical use. For others, it could go much further.

Oregon, Washington, And Colorado Make The Biggest Headlines, But This Could All Change.

Marijuana Legalization

When we talk about legalized marijuana in the United States of America, we tend to focus on four key states. They are Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska.… Read the rest