What To Expect At A Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Drug Testing Pre-Employment

It is your first day at your hopefully soon to be the workplace, and most companies will have you take the interview, read your resume and then, to top it all off have you take a pre-employment drug test. A flaw in any one of these three job seeking aspects would causally lead to loss of that job that you never had. A successful interview or a well-written resume is a major issue to most job seekers these days. Getting through a pre-employment drug test, however, has become some youth’s greatest affliction.

It is a common myth that most employers these days use pre-employment drug tests to narrow down job applicants. Employers, however, are not that malicious but rather concerned in giving their employees a suitable drug-free work environment. The drug testing entails a series of physiological examinations taken to determine the presence of particular five to ten-panel medicines, some of which include; cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and even marijuana.… Read the rest