How Employers Are Dealing With Medical Marijuana 

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization For Employers

Today, several states in the USA have legalized the use of marijuana, not only for medical purposes but also for recreational use. This began with about 24 countries legalizing it for medical use only except five jurisdictions, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Columbia who have allowed the drug to be used for recreational purposes.

Since these states statues are new with little judicial interpretation, employers are left with an uncertain direction on how they should modify their employment policies as well as practice. The uncertainty is also compounded by the fact that marijuana possession, distribution, and use continues to be prohibited by federal law.

The use of marijuana has seen a rapid rise in popularity especially after the discovery of its medicinal features especially for the treatment of chronic diseases as well as in the management of their symptoms.

Recently, a governor in the United States signed a bill that legalized the use, possession as well as the distribution of marijuana either in the form of a liquid, topical, oil or pill, in the diagnosis of over 17 medical conditions.… Read the rest

A Guide To The Hair Follicle Drug Test And How To Beat It 

Hair Drug Test

(Editor’s note: this guide to the hair follicle drug test borrows heavily from the website,

Workplace Hair Drug Testing Continues to Evolve

Workplace drug testing is evolving. It used to be customary to take a urine test, a drug testing method that is relatively easy to cheat. However, with the recent development of more advanced hair screening methods, it means that it is now much harder to hide a positive result and escape detection.

In this short guide to the hair test, we will look at what the hair drug test involves, the reason for its popularity and its level of accuracy. Then, it will cover some of the methods related to passing this test and avoiding detection.

What Is The Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The hair follicle test is a method of drug screening that looks at the contamination of a hair follicle. It is an alternative way to the urine and saliva options.

The hair follicles can hold metabolites from different drugs for a long time. The test is the simple act of removing the hair in a clean, reliable sample and testing in lab conditions. This simply can be enough for a clear result.

This method is preferred over urine testing as the most reliable method for drug detection in workplace drug testing. Continue reading “A Guide To The Hair Follicle Drug Test And How To Beat It “

Update On US States Voting On Marijuana 

Marijuana Legalization Update

Marijuana Legalization Voting Update

Marijuana abuse has reached epidemic levels in the United States, and the problem is only getting worse. In fact, discussion and controversy regarding marijuana use have become pervasive throughout American society. Congressmen and women continuously legislate on medical marijuana issues, activists fight for and against its legalization by petitioning their various governments, and social sites are rife with users’ opinions on the matter.

Also, government efforts to stop the trafficking and possession of marijuana and other drugs leads to frequent arrests of people from every walk of life. Hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug offenders fill jails across the country, most of them serving time for marijuana-related charges. A complete understanding of this problem is crucial for creating marijuana legislation which truly serves the needs of United States citizens.

Marijuana Legalization Voting

Despite significant law enforcement efforts in the United States, marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in the world.… Read the rest

The Dangers Of Testing Teenagers For Drug Use

Drug Testing

Teenagers  Drug Testing

Teens and drugs often go hand in hand as adolescents experiment with substances. Concerned parents may decide that the best way to deal with fears about teenage drug use is to test their children. This suggests sending off for at-home kits and keeping track of drug use through urine testing.

Some may do this openly, requiring sample on a regular basis. Others may try and do so via more covert means. Either way, this method is fraught with dangers.Drug testing has the potential to provide answers, but there are better options to take.

At-Home Testing Is Not The Quick And Cheap Alternative To Professional Help.

Drug Testing

Some parents may think that at-home tests are a cheap and east alternative to getting professional drug tests. They can send off for a simple testing kit, get a sample from their child and read the results. The problem is that these kits can be very expensive, especially for those continuing to try and catch their children out.… Read the rest

Some OSHA Rules For Drug Testing 

Drug Testing

OSHA Drug Testing Rules

Drug testing isn’t always mandatory, but when some situations call for it, people typically react with nervousness and apprehension, perhaps out of fear that their activities involving illegal drugs will be uncovered or simply the worry that being called in for a drug test will be compromising. However, it cannot be denied that drug tests can be a necessity, such as in the workplace, which might enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs.

Employers just require drug testing when there is the reason to believe that their employees. That are under the influence of the drugs, They handle impairing their productivity and also causing problems within the office.

The OSHA rules for drug testing are designed to eliminate any false negative tests by drug users who are trying to conceal the fact that they have some drug in their system. There are many online websites which sell products that they claim will outsmart any drug test with a negative, or clean result.… Read the rest

How To Beat The Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours Or Less

Urine Drug Test

Urine Drug Test At Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is something that many American workers have to go through. The procedure of the urine test is not unfamiliar to some companies. There can be some stress when subjected to a workplace drugs test if you take marijuana recreationally. It is a risky game trying to balance this personal choice and local laws.

However, there is also there is also the stress for those subjected to a workplace drugs test when marijuana is legal in your state. Some areas permit the use of the drug, but companies still frown upon those who use it. There is a gray area of legality that puts pot smokers in the difficult situation.

Whatever The Situation, Many Marijuana Users Are Looking For A Way To Beat The System

Urine Drug Test At Workplace

How can you make sure that your urine test comes back clean on a Monday morning of you have been smoking pot that weekend?… Read the rest