A Guide To The Hair Follicle Drug Test And How To Beat It 

Hair Drug Test

(Editor’s note: this guide to the hair follicle drug test borrows heavily from the website, HairFollicleDrugTest.info.)

Workplace Hair Drug Testing Continues to Evolve

Workplace drug testing is evolving. It used to be customary to take a urine test, a drug testing method that is relatively easy to cheat. However, with the recent development of more advanced hair screening methods, it means that it is now much harder to hide a positive result and escape detection.

In this short guide to the hair test, we will look at what the hair drug test involves, the reason for its popularity, and its level of accuracy. Then, it will cover some of the methods related to passing this test and avoiding detection. Continue reading “A Guide To The Hair Follicle Drug Test And How To Beat It “

Marijuana Legalization Fans Now Have A New Big Supporter

Marijuana Legalization Fans just added Amazon

The good news for marijuana legalization fans is they have a big new supporter. The drive to legalize cannabis on a federal level just got a strong ally. Amazon states its public policy group will actively encourage national legislation to legalize marijuana at the national level and expunge all criminal records related to that.

In a blog post, CEO Dave Clark backed The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021 (MORE Act). He stated Amazon would no longer display prospective employees for the usage of the medication.

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Employer Urine Drug Testing Will Continue In 2021

employer urine drug testing

Employees or job applicants for positions like bus drivers, airline pilots, railroad workers, taxi drivers, and truck drivers that are administered by the Department of Transportation have to comply with federal drug testing laws.  They must comply with national legislation, which requires applicants to take and qualify for pre-employment urine drug testing. If an individual in one of those positions is ever in an accident at work, they’ll also be asked to take a post-accident drug test.

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Trucking Industry Impacted By Hair Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing

According to a report, about 300,000 truck drivers in America would be withdrawn from their positions if they needed to pass hair drug testing instead of urine testing, which may not be adequate to capture those who use illegal drugs.

Joe Cangelosi and Doug Voss, both professors at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) in Conway, completed a study on utilizing urine and hair samples for drug testing and racially biased hair tests. Voss is a professor of supply chain management and logistics. Cangelosi is a professor of marketing. The Alliance for Notebook Safety and Security, or The Trucking Alliance, paid for the study and has been published in a 33-page report.

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Drug Testing Employees Safely During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Employee Drug Testing during covid-19

During this COVID-19 pandemic, workplace drug testing will require new guidelines and precautions, but safety shouldn’t be compromised.

Here is a real-life incident involving a test subject who, while waiting to take a drug test, found that a co-worker was coughing in the restroom. As there was a threat that his co-worker could have COVID-19, he refused to enter the bathroom.

The test was being conducted in a remote location in a company trailer on-site. There was no other restroom available.

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Synthetic Urine: Can You Pass Your Drug Test With Fake Urine?

pass Urine Drug Test with fake urine

You have several options in regards to passing a drug test. There is, of course, natural detox, but that requires advance notice and time.

Next, detox pills, drinks, and detox shampoos are another alternative, but they are not quite 100% reliable.  Our third choice is avoiding the drug test completely, but often this test is not optional.

Let’s see what is the best option for you.   Purchasing synthetic urine or fake urine may seem ridiculous, but if you know you will not pass the urine drug test, then why not try it?

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How Does Medical Marijuana Impact Employee Drug Testing?

drug testing

A health care employee told a possible future employer that she took marijuana to take care of the consequences of a car disaster, but when her employee drug testing result came back positive, the nursing home canceled her job proposal anyhow.

A federal judge from Connecticut last month directed that the nursing home, which had called federal laws against pot use, broke anti-discrimination terms of Connecticut’s medical marijuana law.

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US Truck Drivers Are Now Subject To Hair Drug Testing

truck driver have to get drug tested

The new law has legislated in both Houses of Congress with near-unanimous bipartisan approval. The legislation enacted after DHS was slow to offer hair testing protocols for 3 years since the 2015 FAST Act, which enabled the FMCSA to start receiving hair sample drug tests for truck drivers.

The Department of Homeland Security must give guidelines for the method those evaluations should be executed, in addition to why they’ve been postponed, and then create a schedule for when it intends to finish them. The DOT is then to go after. Continue reading “US Truck Drivers Are Now Subject To Hair Drug Testing”

Two New Developments in Urine Drug Testing

urine drug test tubes

Urine drug testing plays a significant role in detecting and managing a variety of disorders that may be caused by the abuse of drugs.  The practice helps to recognize the content level of drugs such as opioids in the body.

While opioids are mainly used to treat pain, overuse can render it ineffective which leads to dependency. As a result, the affected person ends up suffering from withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, there are also opioid derived substances like oxycodone, heroin, hydrocodone, fentanyl, codeine, and morphine that are commonly abused by many people.

These substances can cause different health and social problems to affected people. Opioid abuse can even lead to death if not controlled on time.

In order to treat the conditions created by opioid misuse, it is crucial to conduct effective urine drug testing or screenings.  Most employers will require drug testing prior to receiving a job offer.

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Understanding State Laws Regarding Marijuana Legalization


Federal laws are important when it comes to the possession, use, and sale of marijuana. Yet, the difference in the State laws is arguably more important. There are some big differences in attitudes and legalization of weed from one state to the next. This means that someone can act within the law in one town, and then break the law a few miles down the road across the State line.

It is important that marijuana users understand these laws. Not only is it vital for their state of residence, but it also helps for those traveling between state boundaries. Some have full legalization, although with many controls and rules. Others limit these options to medical marijuana, not recreational. Even then, some states prohibit certain forms of marijuana-based medication. Continue reading “Understanding State Laws Regarding Marijuana Legalization”

Important Tips For Dealing With Marijuana Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Marijuana Drug Testing Tips

Workplace drug testing is a contentious issue that continues to divide employers and employees. On the one hand, you have the companies that are keen to use the test to detect drug use and protect workplace efficiency. On the other, some employees question the legal rights behind drug testing and their right to take recreational drugs. One of the biggest issues is urine testing for marijuana use. Why are urine tests so problematic for marijuana users and what can employees do to protect themselves?

Why Is Urine Drug Testing Seen In Such A Negative Light?

Drug Testing

Many companies would say that urine testing has its place in modern workplace testing. Many see it as an accurate way of determining marijuana drug use in recent days and use it to detect habitual use. The problem for users is that these tests could detect a small amount of a drug they use occasionally.… Read the rest