Using The Macujo Method To Strip Thc From Your Hair

Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug Test – Macujo Method

Hair follicle drug testing is a method loved by drug testers and hated by drug users. Companies are turning to this option because it is so difficult for employees to tamper with samples. There is also a much high detection window for metabolites than urine testing and it is pretty accurate. These are all reason why drug users hate it.

It is difficult for anyone that has used drugs in the past few months, let alone the last few days. Marijuana users looking to rid their hair of THC are after an efficient process with enough benefits. For many, this means the Macujo Method. This option promises to strip THC from your hair with a high chance of success.

What It About The Macujo Met`od That Makes It So Beneficial Compared To Other Options For Passing The Hair Drug Screening Process?

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The impact comes down to the makeup of the hair follicle and the way the process deals with the metabolites.… Read the rest