The Latest Advancement In Drug Testing: Breath Testing 

Advancemnts Drug Testing

Breath Drug Testing At WorkPlace

Workplace drug testing comes in many different forms. Some are the ultimate way to gain true results, according to experts. Others are problematic and companies should discard them. Workers are now used to the urine test as the standard for many companies. This has led to lots of tricks to beat the system and tampered sample. The rise of the saliva test and hair test helped to bring some order. The hair screening method is now favoured by many for the long detection window. it also has a much more straightforward approach and good levels of accuracy. However, there is another option that is in development.

The Latest Addition Is This Long Line Of Methods Is Drug Testing Via Breath Testing.

The concept of breath testing is nothing new. Breathalysers are in use in many police forces across the world and used as a means of catching out drunk drivers.… Read the rest