Important Tips For Dealing With Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana Drug Testing Tips

Workplace drug testing is a contentious issue that continues to divide employers and employees. On the one hand, you have the companies that are keen to use the test to detect drug use and protect workplace efficiency. On the other, some employees question the legal rights behind drug testing and their right to take recreational drugs. One of the biggest issues is urine testing for marijuana use. Why are urine tests so problematic for marijuana users and what can employees do to protect themselves?

Why Is Urine Drug Testing Seen In Such A Negative Light?

Drug Testing

Many companies would say that urine testing has its place in modern workplace testing. Many see it as an accurate way of determining marijuana drug use in recent days and use it to detect habitual use. The problem for users is that these tests could detect a small amount of a drug they use occasionally. In some states, this marijuana use could be medicinal.

The other problem with workplace testing is that employers are looking for signs of worker impairment by determining drug use. Responsible individuals can smoke on the weekend and not be a risk to the company. Computer tests are a much better method of determining impairment and much less embarrassing.

Anther issue with urine tests is the risk of incorrect results. Recent reports suggest that false positive results account for as much as 5% of cases. That may sound small, but it shows that the system is not perfect. Many labs are improving the methods to reduce errors, but the human error remains. There is also the chance of medication interfering with a result. That is less likely with marijuana drug testing than other substances.

So What Can Workers Do Defend Themselves During Workplace Drug Testing?

The first thing that any employee needs to do is remain calm and smart. There is no point challenging a result because of the likely outcome. The small number of false positives means that companies are unlikely to accept this and will question the reason for the protest.

Be aware of the legalities of the condition and finer points of testing. Remember that these tests look for levels of 50ng/ml and higher. This is quick significant. This also means that the excuse of “is was second-hand smoke, not my own” just won’t work. Passive smoking tends to result in levels of no more than 25ng/ml.

Instead of thinking up excuses for an expected positive result, you should look into ways of trying to lower THC levels. They need to be low enough to create a negative result. Stream difficult to achieve as methods are not guaranteed, and testers are wise to some of the tricks of the trade.

Diluting Your Urine For Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

The first thing to do is to try and dilute the urine on the day of the test to wash out any THC metabolites. This probably won’t clean your system out in full, but it could improve the levels. Excess water consumption coupled with limited activity can help to reduce the amount of detectable THC.

This also works with cranberry juice as this is a great diuretic. Some people will suggest that you use acidic solutions or baking soda. The idea here is that it will change the pH of the urine stream for an even better result. Ignore them. This method leaves a bad taste in the mouth for no real benefit.

Masking The Dilution

If you do decide to dilute your urine stream to pass marijuana urine drug testing, make sure to cover your tracks afterwards. Testers are on the look out for diluted urine as it is the first sign that an employee has something to hide. A simple solution is to change the colour of the urine to make it look more ordinary. Some people use creatine or simple Vitamin B supplementation.

Drug Screen To Hide The Metabolites

Some test subjects may decide to opt for a drug screening product to alter the makeup of the urine sample. There are solutions purchased at specialist stores to cleanse the urine and hide traces of THC. Some work and some don’t. Employees that don’t want to pay a lot of money may go for the home remedy options of activated charcoal, lecithin or herbal tea.

Again, there are no guarantees of success and testers are on the look out for signs of alteration. The worse suggestion is to put bleach in a sample. Only to work immediately noticeable because of the residue.

Tampering With Drug Testing Samples

Some employees prefer the urine test to the hair test because it is easier to cheat. Hair drug testing relies on samples of hair taken straight from the head. There is no time to alter the sample or make a switch. Donors collect samples in a pot in the privacy of a bathroom cubicle.

This offers a window of opportunity to switch the sample with synthetic urine or the sample of another donor. However, this does bring up a lot of ethical questions and puts both you and the donor in the firing line if caught. This is a desperate measure that users shouldn’t take lightly.

The Final Factor To Consider Is Whether There Any Alternative Drug Testing Methods

Urine tests are clearly problematic for marijuana users. Hair samples have the benefit of not being as reliable for marijuana use. They still have a long detection window and it is much harder to alter the results. An interesting alternative is the blood test.

These drug testing methods occur in accidents and roadside sobriety checks. This is because of the way they determine impairment. The great thing about these tests is that they tend only to work for a short period of drug use. That means that people that smoke the day before could be in the clear. The only issue is convincing employers to use this method rather than urine.

Another option is self-testing. Some companies will offer home test kits. Companies that are willing to accept them are more easily misled. This method allows for great privacy, but also greater control. You can produce a sample at the optimal time of day and ensure that it diluted and masked. That will improve the chance of a negative reading. Drug testing is harsh and hard to beat. However, if you look into this alternative and follow these tips, it can be done.

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