Important Tips For Dealing With Marijuana Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Marijuana Drug Testing Tips

Workplace drug testing is a contentious issue that continues to divide employers and employees. On the one hand, you have the companies that are keen to use the test to detect drug use and protect workplace efficiency. On the other, some employees question the legal rights behind drug testing and their right to take recreational drugs. One of the biggest issues is urine testing for marijuana use. Why are urine tests so problematic for marijuana users and what can employees do to protect themselves?

Why Is Urine Drug Testing Seen In Such A Negative Light?

Drug Testing

Many companies would say that urine testing has its place in modern workplace testing. Many see it as an accurate way of determining marijuana drug use in recent days and use it to detect habitual use. The problem for users is that these tests could detect a small amount of a drug they use occasionally.… Read the rest

The Latest Advancement In Drug Testing: Breath Testing 

Advancemnts Drug Testing

Breath Drug Testing At WorkPlace

Workplace drug testing comes in many different forms. Some are the ultimate way to gain true results, according to experts. Others are problematic and companies should discard them. Workers are now used to the urine test as the standard for many companies. This has led to lots of tricks to beat the system and tampered sample. The rise of the saliva test and hair test helped to bring some order. The hair screening method is now favoured by many for the long detection window. it also has a much more straightforward approach and good levels of accuracy. However, there is another option that is in development.

The Latest Addition Is This Long Line Of Methods Is Drug Testing Via Breath Testing.

The concept of breath testing is nothing new. Breathalysers are in use in many police forces across the world and used as a means of catching out drunk drivers.… Read the rest

What To Expect At A Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Drug Testing Pre-Employment

It is your first day at your hopefully soon to be the workplace, and most companies will have you take the interview, read your resume and then, to top it all off have you take a pre-employment drug test. A flaw in any one of these three job seeking aspects would causally lead to loss of that job that you never had. A successful interview or a well-written resume is a major issue to most job seekers these days. Getting through a pre-employment drug test, however, has become some youth’s greatest affliction.

It is a common myth that most employers these days use pre-employment drug tests to narrow down job applicants. Employers, however, are not that malicious but rather concerned in giving their employees a suitable drug-free work environment. The drug testing entails a series of physiological examinations taken to determine the presence of particular five to ten-panel medicines, some of which include; cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and even marijuana.… Read the rest

The Dangers Of Testing Teenagers For Drug Use

Drug Testing

Teenagers  Drug Testing

Teens and drugs often go hand in hand as adolescents experiment with substances. Concerned parents may decide that the best way to deal with fears about teenage drug use is to test their children. This suggests sending off for at-home kits and keeping track of drug use through urine testing.

Some may do this openly, requiring sample on a regular basis. Others may try and do so via more covert means. Either way, this method is fraught with dangers.Drug testing has the potential to provide answers, but there are better options to take.

At-Home Testing Is Not The Quick And Cheap Alternative To Professional Help.

Drug Testing

Some parents may think that at-home tests are a cheap and east alternative to getting professional drug tests. They can send off for a simple testing kit, get a sample from their child and read the results. The problem is that these kits can be very expensive, especially for those continuing to try and catch their children out.… Read the rest

Some OSHA Rules For Drug Testing 

Drug Testing

OSHA Drug Testing Rules

Drug testing isn’t always mandatory, but when some situations call for it, people typically react with nervousness and apprehension, perhaps out of fear that their activities involving illegal drugs will be uncovered or simply the worry that being called in for a drug test will be compromising. However, it cannot be denied that drug tests can be a necessity, such as in the workplace, which might enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs.

Employers just require drug testing when there is the reason to believe that their employees. That are under the influence of the drugs, They handle impairing their productivity and also causing problems within the office.

The OSHA rules for drug testing are designed to eliminate any false negative tests by drug users who are trying to conceal the fact that they have some drug in their system. There are many online websites which sell products that they claim will outsmart any drug test with a negative, or clean result.… Read the rest