A Guide To The Top 5 Detox Shampoos For A Hair Drug Test

Detox Shampoos For Hair Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test is a procedure that all drug users have come to dread. This process is now regarded as one of the best methods available for identifying drug use.

Employees once had to fear the urine test and think of ways to flush out the metabolites in their system. The hair drug screening method is growing in popularity.

Attention needs to shift from diluting urine to stripping metabolites from the hair. The answer for most users lies in detox shampoos, but which ones work?

This guide will discuss the importance of finding regular detox shampoos and five of the best detox shampoos on the market. Continue reading “A Guide To The Top 5 Detox Shampoos For A Hair Drug Test”

Using The Macujo Method To Strip THC From Your Hair

Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug Test – Macujo Method

Hair follicle drug testing is a method loved by drug testers and hated by drug users. Companies are turning to this option because it is so difficult for employees to tamper with samples. There is also a much higher detection window for metabolites than urine testing and it is accurate. These are all reason why drug users hate it.

It is difficult for anyone that has used drugs in the past few months, let alone the last few days to pass a hair drug test. Marijuana users looking to rid their hair of THC are after an efficient process with enough benefits. For many, this means the Macujo Method. This option promises to strip THC from your hair with a high chance of success. Continue reading “Using The Macujo Method To Strip THC From Your Hair”

A Guide To The Hair Follicle Drug Test And How To Beat It 

Hair Drug Test

(Editor’s note: this guide to the hair follicle drug test borrows heavily from the website, HairFollicleDrugTest.info.)

Workplace Hair Drug Testing Continues to Evolve

Workplace drug testing is evolving. It used to be customary to take a urine test, a drug testing method that is relatively easy to cheat. However, with the recent development of more advanced hair screening methods, it means that it is now much harder to hide a positive result and escape detection.

In this short guide to the hair test, we will look at what the hair drug test involves, the reason for its popularity and its level of accuracy. Then, it will cover some of the methods related to passing this test and avoiding detection.

What Is The Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The hair follicle test is a method of drug screening that looks at the contamination of a hair follicle. It is an alternative way to the urine and saliva options.

The hair follicles can hold metabolites from different drugs for a long time. The test is the simple act of removing the hair in a clean, reliable sample and testing in lab conditions. This simply can be enough for a clear result.

This method is preferred over urine testing as the most reliable method for drug detection in workplace drug testing. Continue reading “A Guide To The Hair Follicle Drug Test And How To Beat It “