Synthetic Urine: Can You Pass Your Drug Test With Fake Urine?

You have several options in regards to passing a drug test. There is, of course, natural detox, but that requires advance notice and time.

Next, detox pills, drinks, and detox shampoos are another alternative, but they are not quite 100% reliable.  Our third choice is avoiding the drug test completely, but often this test is not optional.

Let’s see what is the best option for you.   Purchasing synthetic urine or fake urine may seem ridiculous, but if you know you will not pass the urine drug test, then why not try it?

Today drug tests are the norm for most employers when hiring new employees this has been an issue for drug-users for decades,  and due to demand a lot of artificial urine makers have popped up on the market. Some fake urine is just colored water.

Some products are somewhat better and can pass a quick look, but will fail in the laboratory. And some look so real, that it appears to be original urine that just came from a human! This premium fake urine can pass even the most intense testing.

There are many brands available online so let’s find out which brands are worth buying. And we are going to compare results from Ultra Pure vs. Quick Fix in this buying guide.


Ultra Pure: How Does This Fake Urine Product Compare?

This particular brand of synthetic urine is prepared by Ultra Klean, which promotes itself with the tagline “The Ultimate Line of Detox Products.” Apart from the fake urine, they also sell detox drinks, shampoo for hair tests, mouthwashes for saliva tests, drug test strips, and also apparel. An exciting lineup, but we will see how well the fake urine holds up.

So you ordered an Ultra-Pure urine drug test kit. Open the box, and included inside you will find:

  • 2 oz. jar loaded with pre-mixed Ultra Pure artificial urine
  • Temperature strip to connect to the jar
  • Small heating pad
  • Fip-top cap for smooth pouring
  • Rubber band to tighten the heat pack to the jar

It also arrives in safe & plain packaging, so no problems about inquisitive neighbors thinking what that box is that just got delivered to your door. Shelf-life is 3 years, but it needs to be used in seven days after you open the jar, or it goes bad.

The box carries pretty much the standard kit, but really, a simple rubber band? When everyone holds heating pads with adhering strips, a rubber band doesn’t look ideal next to the competition.

While not a superior start, it is not crippling; after all.

Steps to create fake urine:

  1. Shake the bottle properly to ensure the formula is well-mixed, and then toss it into the microwave for ten seconds to get up the heat.
  2. After warming up the liquid in microwave, attach the temperature strip. If needed, attach the heat pad as well. It is going to require about 45 to 60 minutes to reach the working temperature, and the heat pad is suitable for six hours.
  3. Affix the jar to your body. Best places are in your underwear, on the upper thigh, or close to your stomach. This will help keep it warm with your own body heat to ensure it is at the ideal temperature.
  4. At the time, check the temperature strip to make sure it is at the proper temperature. You want it to be between 94 to 96 degrees not to provoke doubt by the testers.
  5. Shake the bottle, again to assure accurate mixing and to separate any clusters, and also to provide it a few bubbles. Then pour the mixture into the cup and submit.

The lab tech will take and send it in for testing. With some luck, you will find out you have passed the drug test.

How Do Drug Tests Work?

All artificial pee is prepared to beat urine tests, so it is well worth it to analyze how a pee test works.

Urine tests are the most frequent drug tests you will see for many reasons; they are cheap, they can return fast results, they are easy to collect, and they have a good detection window.

Drug use can be viewed in the urine for about a week or more depending on what particular drug has been used. Interestingly, marijuana may be detected for a longer period than other medications due to the fat-soluble property of THC.

The testers will be testing the urine itself to see if it really is urine. Urine is 91% to 96% water, mixed with a combination of other substances like uric acid, creatinine, and urea.

Quality Matters!

Lesser-quality artificial pee fails tests because it doesn’t include sufficient ingredients. Some, for example, say urea and uric acid are the same things when analyzed, and only integrate uric acid into their formulation. That might have been right years ago, but labs search for both now, so fake urine needs to be much better than that.

Also, there are other factors: specific gravity and pH level among them. Fundamentally, fake pee needs to be as close to real pee as possible to pass.

This is why it pays off to opt for the best potential synthetic urine. If you sacrifice on quality and fail the drug test, that might be worse than failing a real urine drug test! If you fail a real urine drug test, and you may be sent to rehab or lose your job, but if you get captured with fake urine, you are going to face charges of fraud, which may include imprisonment or fines.

It is undoubtedly possible to cheat a drug test with high-quality synthetic urine, but there are a whole lot of duds out there. So do not go cheap.

Online Opinions about Ultra Pure

Quite frankly, a compelling read of their website, their product descriptions, and their promises all draw skepticism. Their promises are quite outlandish, beginning from a 500% money-back guarantee if a product fails to provide expected results.

At the foot of their webpage is a disclaimer that says, “Individual results may vary, but since 2002 our disappointment rate is less than 1%.”

The Ultra-Pure claims that they’ve never done any moderation since it was first produced in 1997. This isn’t reassuring when urine tests are becoming better and better, and old brands are falling by the wayside as they didn’t keep up.

What Ultra Pure is saying is they have deteriorated and are resting on their fame.  Their ‘1% dissatisfaction rate’ is easily refuted by checking reviews.

Nearly every success story is coordinate by a failure. One analyst didn’t even get to his lab test, on getting the sample, gave it a look, then denied it because the temperature and color weren’t right. Overall, testimonials of Ultra-Pure are mix.

Poor Service

In terms of practical restrictions, they do not send Ultra Pure to Kentucky, Illinois, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. That is only four states out of fifty, though that still implies you’re unlucky with them if you live in those four states. They do not send to PO boxes and request a physical address. Less of a difficulty than it was fifty or sixty years ago, though still another downside in the currently very long list.

We’ve noticed points of failure, some of which drew on additional reviewers’ eye. The temperature strip is not the most accurate. The formulation has a habit of not mixing correctly.

All these Flaws imply that using Ultra Pure boils to a throw of the dice. Fail? Pass? Who knows?

When it comes to getting one, why risk at products like Ultra Pure when there are better products on the market?

Final Thought About Ultra Pure

Ultra Pure claims a lot! However, they have a history of falling short. When the prices are as high as they are, you can’t manage to get anything less than the best.

Quick Fix Appears To Be The Ultimate Solution

Not only do they eliminate the boasting, but Quick Fix also include a version number, so you’re assured that you’ve got the newest formulation. Right now, Quick Fix stands at version 6.2.

Quick Fix has a much less uncertain success rate, generally, because the compound that Quick Fix uses in its product is the same as the product drug testers use to standardize their equipment. Also, they have a better range of accessories.

It may be a bit more costly, but you’re paying for that track record of consistent success. Everything about Quick Fix, from the fake urine formula to the accessories, works much better.

Entirely, we’d much preferably go with Quick Fix. The great records express itself, and given the possible consequences, you can’t compensate for anything less.

What Is in Quick Fix Synthetic Pee?

It is not sufficient for Quick Fix to just see and smell as same as urine; artificial urine has to have the precise same chemical constitution as real urine if it’s going to get past laboratory reports. We are happy to report that Quick Fix possesses a corresponding chemical composition to human urine, indicating it includes biologically accurate amounts of uric acid, urea, and creatinine.

But urine is more than just ingredients; it also possesses some properties, Quick Fix also has the same pH balance and specific gravity as human urine. The combination of all these things is what you want to fool the testing instruments and get a pass on your test.

There is one other artificial urine that can even come near to the chemical efficiency of Quick Fix, and that’s Sub Solution. And while Sub Solution is a good product, it’s also a big deal more expensive than Quick Fix.

How to Use Quick Fix Plus

Each bottle of Quick Fix comes at a volume of 2-ounces, enough, for 1 test. A testing cup can fill. If you want more, you can purchase another bottle or purchase the Quick Repair Plus, which provides you an additional ounce of urine and can fill up the testing cup a little up the needed minimum.

As a precaution and in expectation of any spillage, buying the Quick Fix Plus can save you some confusion because it provides you a bit more in case of emergency.

Two other things to remember when you’re intending to use Quick Fix urine other than just supply and amount are temperature and method. Ensure that your sample of Quick Fix is at the right temperature, and on the off-chance, you are going to be conducted during your exam, ensure you’ve got a gadget available to make it look like you’re really peeing.

Has Quick Fix Ever Failed?

Quick Fix won’t fail…when it is used properly. When you have an outdated batch, or if you hand in the fake urine at the wrong temperature, there’s a high chance of failing!

Here is how to dodge these scenarios:

1. Incorrect Temperature

Here the thing that trips up some people and causes the most failures.

Human urine can vary from 94 to 100 F. A laboratory has to take the sample if it is within that range. But it’s also where most individuals found out by the techs. There are some stories where a lab technician hasn’t even looked at the sample before rejecting it quickly for being the incorrect temperature.

That is why a Quick Fix package from the real website always ships with a heating pad, and why the guidance always emphasizes to heat it up before you go in. So don’t risk purchasing your Quick Fix from an alternative source, the heating pad is a critical component to passing the test, and if it’s missing or inspired, you’re going to be left to your own devices.

Other factors affect the temperature as well. Remember to maintain the bottle strapped close to some part of your body that could provide sufficient heat, the inner thigh, or holding it down your underwear works. Dress warm, particularly if you live in a cold place; the more body heat you keep, the less possibility there is of your Quick Fix cooling off.

2. Bad Resellers or Vendors

You have to be careful about who you are buying from. It’s very simple for someone who would like to make a quick buck to purchase some expired or cheap fake pee, put them in boxes that seem like the real thing, sell them on an online market like eBay or Amazon, ship them off to unsuspecting buyers, and disappear before somebody figures it out.

There’ll always be untrustworthy types who prey on people with particular needs or wants. So it’s better to avoid this risk as much as possible, particularly with your job on the line. When it is about Quick Fix or any type of urine produced to avoid a drug test. It’s always reliable to purchase directly from the company. This way, you can be completely sure that you are getting the real item.

Could Labs Identify Quick Fix Urine?

The laboratories can catch you in these ways. The lab technicians examining your sample, and the lab equipment doing its job. Quick Fix can get past both if prepare correctly, and that’s the reason why they make every effort to make their product like the real thing in every possible way.

The lab techs are your first obstacle, Quick Fix is generally good enough to pass visual inspection.

However, there are some stories where the techs were clever enough to spot fake pee, and there are even a lab assistant and YouTube video showing how. He mentions Quick Fix having a somewhat greenish color; it seems quite weird when to put next to a sample of real urine.

Of course, this isn’t a positive thing. Most lab technicians, especially if they’re only doing the cheap assessments, are not paid enough to bother about examining samples that closely. If they have not shelled out for the very costly tests, you should be OK.

But then there’s also the equipment. The laboratories get smarter and smarter with time. Particularly when the customer wants to go for the premium tests, and all artificial urine has some non-natural chemicals in it. Some laboratories may start examining these chemicals to catch out on fake pee.

So far, there have not been any reports of Quick Fix running into such a test. But it is still a possibility that you need to remember. Thankfully Quick Fix regularly upgrades its formula to keep up with changes in the lab analysis. So if you are worry that labs may figure you out, you will want to purchase the latest version directly from the manufacturer.

Does Quick Fix Plus Work?

Yes! Unlike other artificial urine brands on the store or also detox kits, Quick Fix has a foolproof, patented formula. Each sample is pre-tested before it’s sent out for buying or delivery.

Spectrum Labs prides themselves when it about quality assurance and customer service. They are very helpful and solve any queries you may have about using Quick Fix urine.

Where to Buy Quick Fix 6.2?

Quick Fix is available in most smoke shops, head shops, some vape stores, cannabis dispensaries, and adult novelty shops across America. If you’re not sure, ask them.

Just be on the lookout, some retail stores might sell outdated or even fake products. It seems counterintuitive, however by default, you shouldn’t trust any artificial urine you buy at a brick and mortar store.

It is best if you buy directly from the manufacturer, seldom Spectrum Labs offer discounts and sales through their approved dealers. Sometimes you may find this deal ‘buy 3, get 1 free’ offer. That’s a great bargain as you already want more than a two-ounce bottle for a full urine cup test.

Best of luck passing your urine drug test! Of course, abstinence from drugs is the best way to pass, but if you cannot and have to take a urine drug test try one of these products.

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