New Developments in Urine Drug Testing

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Urine testing plays a significant role in detecting and managing a variety of disorders that may be caused by the abuse of drugs.  The practice helps to recognize the content level of drugs such as opioid in the body.

While opioids are mainly used to treat pain, overuse can render it ineffective which leads to dependency. As a result, the affected person ends up suffering from withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, there are also opioid derived substances like oxycodone, heroin, hydrocodone, fentanyl, codeine, and morphine that are commonly abused by many people.

These substances can cause different health and social problems to affected people. Opioid abuse can even lead to death if not controlled on time. In order to treat the conditions created by opioid misuse, it is crucial to conduct effective urine drug screening.  Most employers will require drug testing prior to receiving a job offer.

The two new urine drug screens for quick office testing can go a long way in detecting opioid abuse and misuse. The two instruments have good designs for physicians who deal with patients for pain. As noted, the opioid is a remedy for pain, but its abuse can cause dependency issues. Continue reading “New Developments in Urine Drug Testing”

How To Beat The Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours Or Less

Urine Drug Test

Urine Drug Test At Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is something that many American workers have to go through. The procedure of the urine test is not unfamiliar to some companies. There can be some stress when subjected to a workplace drugs test if you take marijuana recreationally. It is a risky game trying to balance this personal choice and local laws.

However, there is also there is also the stress for those subjected to a workplace drugs test when marijuana is legal in your state. Some areas permit the use of the drug, but companies still frown upon those who use it. There is a gray area of legality that puts pot smokers in the difficult situation.

Whatever The Situation, Many Marijuana Users Are Looking For A Way To Beat The System

Urine Drug Test At Workplace

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