Understanding State Laws Regarding Marijuana Legalization


Federal laws are important when it comes to the possession, use, and sale of marijuana. Yet, the difference in the State laws is arguably more important. There are some big differences in attitudes and legalization of weed from one state to the next. This means that someone can act within the law in one town, and then break the law a few miles down the road across the State line.

It is important that marijuana users understand these laws. Not only is it vital for their state of residence, but it also helps for those traveling between state boundaries. Some have full legalization, although with many controls and rules. Others limit these options to medical marijuana, not recreational. Even then, some states prohibit certain forms of marijuana-based medication. Continue reading “Understanding State Laws Regarding Marijuana Legalization”

How The Tide Is Turning On Legalized Marijuana

Tide Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization is a big talking point in America. This conversation will take on a different meaning depending on which state you are in. On the side of the spectrum, there are those living in states with legal access to medicinal and recreational marijuana.

On the other, there are those in states where marijuana use is still a criminal act. In the middle, shifts are occurring as states reconsider their views and their laws. The tide is turning on the issue of marijuana decriminalization. For some, this could only mean an overdue measure on legalized marijuana for medical use. For others, it could go much further.

Oregon, Washington, And Colorado Make The Biggest Headlines, But This Could All Change.

Marijuana Legalization

When we talk about legalized marijuana in the United States of America, we tend to focus on four key states. They are Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska.… Read the rest

How Employers Are Dealing With Medical Marijuana 

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization For Employers

Today, several states in the USA have legalized the use of marijuana, not only for medical purposes but also for recreational use. This began with about 24 countries legalizing it for medical use only except five jurisdictions, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Columbia who have allowed the drug to be used for recreational purposes.

Since these states statues are new with little judicial interpretation, employers are left with an uncertain direction on how they should modify their employment policies as well as practice. The uncertainty is also compounded by the fact that marijuana possession, distribution, and use continues to be prohibited by federal law.

The use of marijuana has seen a rapid rise in popularity especially after the discovery of its medicinal features especially for the treatment of chronic diseases as well as in the management of their symptoms.

Recently, a governor in the United States signed a bill that legalized the use, possession as well as the distribution of marijuana either in the form of a liquid, topical, oil or pill, in the diagnosis of over 17 medical conditions.… Read the rest

Update On US States Voting On Medical Marijuana 

Medical marijuana legalization in varies states

Medical Marijuana Legalization Voting Update

Marijuana abuse has reached epidemic levels in the United States, and the problem may be getting worse. In fact, discussion and controversy regarding marijuana use have become pervasive throughout American society. Congressmen and women continuously legislate on medical marijuana issues, activists fight for and against its legalization by petitioning their various governments, and social sites are rife with users’ opinions on the matter.

Also, government efforts to stop the trafficking and possession of marijuana and other drugs lead to people’s frequent arrests from every walk of life. Hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug offenders fill jails across the country, most of them serving time for marijuana-related charges. A complete understanding of this problem is crucial for creating marijuana legislation that truly serves United States citizens’ needs.

Marijuana Legalization Voting

Despite significant law enforcement efforts in the United States, marijuana is the most popular illegal drug in the world.… Read the rest