How To Beat The Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours Or Less

Urine Drug Test At Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is something that many American workers have to go through. The procedure of the urine test is not unfamiliar to some companies. There can be some stress when subjected to a workplace drugs test if you take marijuana recreationally. It is a risky game trying to balance this personal choice and local laws.

However, there is also there is also the stress for those subjected to a workplace drugs test when marijuana is legal in your state. Some areas permit the use of the drug, but companies still frown upon those who use it. There is a gray area of legality that puts pot smokers in the difficult situation.

Whatever The Situation, Many Marijuana Users Are Looking For A Way To Beat The System

Urine Drug Test At Workplace

How can you make sure that your urine test comes back clean on a Monday morning of you have been smoking pot that weekend? There are ways to try and beat the system and pass the drug pass the drug test in 24 hours. The following guide will look at some of the best options for masking cannabinoid substances in urine.

This involves ways of diluting urine to pass the content through, masking any attempt and dilution and other tricks. Some are simple, and others are risky. At the end of this guide, you should have a clearer idea of the best approaches and your next move before your test.

What Are Testers Looking For When Carrying Out These Workplace Urine Tests For Marijuana Use?

Metabolites are substances left behind after taking drugs. In the case of marijuana, inspectors are looking for a THC tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid (THC-COOH). We shall refer to it as THC from here to keep things simple. A urine sample with a high enough level of this substance I considered to be positive. This could happen if you have smoked a small amount the day before. The results of this positive effect could be staggering.

The first thing to acknowledge is the amount of this THC substance that there is within your body. This can vary depending on the amount smoked and the time that has elapsed since its consumption. How often do you smoke? Is, is a daily occurrence where you relax with a full joint each evening, or do you just smoke socially with an occasional hit? What were you consuming? The quality of the drugs and the type of weed can also have an impact on the amount of THC released. Users should also take care to note that this THC tends to linger in body fat. The more body fat you have, the easier it is to store up THC.

Psychoactive THC cannabinoids are usually found in the system for a day or two after consumption. The problem is that regular smokers can see these levels build up to the point where traces remain for as much as two weeks. The half-life of THC metabolites is seven days. This means that each seven days, the amount in your body will decrease by 50%. So how does this all allow people to give a clean result on a urine test? The simple answer here is that it doesn’t. This is the reason why workplace drugs testers are so keen on the urine test as a means of detecting recreational pot users. They are sure that they can get a positive result where needed.

The Simple Answer May Be Just To Avoid Using The Drug Before A Known Drugs Test

It is best to abstain for as long as possible before the test for the best result, but the issue isn’t that black and white. To begin with, there is that matter of the half-life of the metabolites and the slow release. This means that users would have to go without for a couple of weeks to be completely clean. This is not an option for those that choose to exercise their rights to smoke marijuana or those licensed to use it. The other issue is the fact that users just may not know that the test is coming that far in advance.

The Good News For Users Is That You Don’t Need To Be 100% Free Of THC To Pass The Drug Test In 24 Hours

THC Urine Drug Test

Instead, you just need to have levels below the 50 ng/mL threshold. Your test result will be negative as long as it is below this mark. This is a lifeline for smokers dealing with an upcoming test. However, it still means that pot smokers – legal or otherwise – may need to take some pretty drastic steps.

Desperate times can call for desperate measures to reach this level and pass the drug test in 24 hours. The go-to option for many is the expensive, miracle cure that is the cleaning solution. However, these methods are problematic.

They may flush out the system in some ways, but they cannot account for the THC that the fat cells haven’t yet secreted. It is more beneficial to opt for other dilution methods to reduce these THC levels.

The Best And Worst Methods Of Dilution And Alteration For A Negative Sample

Diluting urine is a simple as drinking plenty of water and flushing out the urinary system. This is best done on the day to be sure of diluting the urine at the appropriate time. Drink a couple of liters before the test to flush everything out. Cranberry juice is an excellent tasting, healthy alternative then does wonders at flushing out the system and improving sodium levels. A few glasses of this on the day could help you to pass the drug test in 24 hours.

Water and juice are simple, affordable and healthy. Unfortunately, some people prefer more dangerous routes. There is this idea about changing pH levels to pass the drug test in 24 hours with ease. The truth is that it isn’t easy at all. Avoid baking soda solutions.

Some use this as a way of flushing out the system and restoring the PH of the urine. However, it is tough to regulate. It also tastes bad and it not good for you in high levels. The same goes for the “home remedy” of vinegar and lemon juice. It just isn’t a pleasant experience, and the results aren’t guaranteed.

Diluting Urine To A Required Level Is Just The Start When In Comes To Providing An Adequate Sample

Highly trained testers look out for signs of dilution as they check for tampered samples. So how do you mask what you have done to pass the drug test in 24 hours? The color is the tell-tale sign that testers are looking for. The paper the sample, the more suspicious they will get. Vitamin B supplements are a great, safe way to color your urine. This means that you can replace the color lost through excessive water consumption. Just take some tablets a few hours before the test and let them do their job.

Labs also look out for creatine levels in urine as an indicator of dilution. This means that supplementation before the test could do the job. Many health food stores will supply this substance. There are detox drinks that contain both elements as a quick and straightforward fix. The problem here is that you would need to weigh up the pros and cons of convenience and cost.

Again there are some “solutions” passed around that are not a good idea. To begin with, avoid bleach. There are some that believe that adding bleach to a sample is a good idea because it removes metabolites. However, this can be easily detected by many testers because of the residue. Eye drops and other saline solutions are less detectable but are still risky. It is sufficient not to tamper with the sample after urination and to focus on the content of the urine stream.

What Else Can You Do To Pass A Drug Test In 24 Hours?

There are other tricks that marijuana users employ to get ahead with workplace drug testing. One simple idea is to make sure that the sample comes from the middle of the urine stream. Metabolites are found in their highest concentrations at the beginning and end of the creek. It may seem silly to keep switching between the bowl and the cup like this, but it can make a difference.

Others suggest exercise get the best reading. The last thing that you want is to that the fat cells were releasing more THC into your system just before the test. This is more hopeful to occur if you have been exercising or pretty active during the day. Try and stay sedentary for 24 hours before the trial to keep levels low.

At the same time, the exercise in the week before the test could help to break down fat cells and flush out toxins in high levels before risking detection. Some suggest heading to a sauna a few days before hand to sweat it out. This release of toxins can be effective, but there is the issue of being able to get that sauna session in time.

Is Synthetic Urine Worth It To Pass The Drug Test In 24 Hours?

Marijuana Urine Drug Test

This is an option for those that believe they have no other choice and are desperate to pass the test. This could be appealing in cases when dilution is sure to fail or where other circumstances are likely to result in a positive result. Synthetic urine is a substance added to the cup instead of the real sample. Carry this out while urinating in the bathroom to avoid suspicion.

These materials will appear to be the real thing and provide a negative reading. However, there are potential problems to keep in mind. First, be aware of the possible consequences of getting caught faking a test. This could be a bigger black mark than a positive test and could lead to dismissal. Second, be aware of the temperature of the sample. Testers are expecting fresh urine that is at body temperature.

What About Getting A Urine Sample From Someone Else?

The final option for anyone that wants to pass the drug test in 24 hours is probably the oldest trick in the book. Get a sample from someone else. This urine sample is at least guaranteed to be real. The problem comes in getting hold of it and again making sure that it is the right temperature.

You also need to be sure that the sample comes from a trusted source with clean urine. Also, make sure that it is someone that doesn’t mind the potential implications of getting caught. As with the method above, it is not ideal. However, it could work if you are careful and desperate.

The Most Important Things To Remember When Trying To Pass The Drug Test In 24 Hours For THC In Urine

To summarize, there are a few important factors to consider when dealing with a urine sample in these situations. The first is the level of the THC metabolites that are present in your body’s system. A greater understanding of half-life and the processing of this material can help you understand the situation.

Look into ways of reducing the count with speed in the week leading up to the test and abstain from taking any more marijuana. If there is no way of eliminating the THC from the urine stream in time, then you need to look into dilution. Be careful with the methods used and the way you mask it.

Many sites will try and sell the ultimate solution for creating a negative sample to pass the drug test in 24 hours. Some are just expensive versions of basic at-home remedies. Be careful with your intake, try and manage the release of THC and cover your tracks.

If you do this, you may not need such drastic measures as synthetic urine, swapped samples and other “fail-safe” products. There is no uncertainty that this is a stressful time for anyone, but it applies in particular for those legally smoking and being demonized. These tips can help you work and smoke in peace. Be smart, be safe and make sure to follow the tips that are best for your situation.


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