A Guide To The Top 5 Detox Shampoos For A Hair Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test is a procedure that all drug users have come to dread. This process is now regarded as one of the best methods available for identifying drug use.

Employees once had to fear the urine test and think of ways to flush out the metabolites in their system. The hair drug screening method is growing in popularity.

Attention needs to shift from diluting urine to stripping metabolites from the hair. The answer for most users lies in detox shampoos, but which ones work?

This guide will discuss the importance of finding regular detox shampoos and five of the best detox shampoos on the market.

Hair Drug Test Top 5 Detox Shampoos

What Are Detox Shampoos?

Detox shampoos are pretty much as the name suggests. They are specialty products designed to help users clean their hair in a deeper way and cleanse themselves.

This niche was done for the creation of shampoos for removing medical contaminants and other toxins from the hair. They were then adopted by the drug using community to help them clean out metabolites.

Detox Shampoos For Hair Drug Test

These detox shampoos are much stronger than your typical shampoo. They have acidic compounds that get in deep through the cuticle and into the cortex of the hair.

This means they can remove more than just your standard surface substances. Some go deeper to remove chemical elements on a short-term basis. Other words, as a way of masking metabolites during drug tests. Each option has its pros and cons.

Why Are These Detox Shampoos Seen As The Best Approach To Beating The System?

Metabolites cling on inside the hair cortex, and it takes a strong product to be able to get them out. This is one of the reasons why many companies are turning to hair follicle drug testing to determine drug use. These hidden metabolites are quickly found during the testing process.

The added factor here is the 90-day detection window on these test. Urine tests have a short detection window of a few days, but hair samples can trace drug use from three months prior. This is because that chemical trace goes so deep into the hair and linger there as the hair grows.

Testers take a sample of hair straight from the head of the donor. The sample is taken 1.5 inches from the scalp for the best result.  This means this part of the hair needs thorough treatment with the right ingredients to remove these chemicals.

Some people think that perming, dying and other treatments are enough to alter the makeup of the hair. The truth is that they do not go deep enough. That is why so many people rely on detox shampoos.

The Following Five Detox Shampoos Are The Best For A Deep Clean Before Testing

1) Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo

Nexxus Aloe shampoo For Hair Drug Test

This is apparently the most well-known of all the detox shampoos listed here. Buyers have been using this shampoo for a long time as a way of offering a deep cleanse.

The gentle formula allows for repeat uses, which is essential in the days before the drug test. It is pretty easy to use, and a little goes a long way. This means a small, cost-effective tube can help.

There is also the benefit of the aloe conditioner. Some detox shampoos can be quite harsh on hair and leave it brittle. This isn’t the case if you only use this Nexxus option.

This product is best used every day before your test. Some say that five days is enough. Others suggest as much as ten days. It can all depend on how much you have been using and how much you need to clean out of your hair.

It is important to look out for retailers that stock the old style Aloe Rid barcode: 05592 16035. This is not a cheaper, outdated product to be wary of. Instead, this is the product that users feel is most useful for removing metabolites from hair.

Recent “improvements” to the product line seem to have decreased the detoxification effect.

What Is The Macujo Method And Why Does It Involve This Product?

The Macujo Method is a term you have probably come across when searching for solutions to beating hair drug tests. Many believe it to be the most fail-safe method of them all for beating the system.

In fact, it is currently believed that it has a 90% success rate. This does mean 10% will still fail, but the odds are very improved.

The Macujo Method is an intensive hair washing strategy that uses a series of product to strip the hair of THC. This is the metabolite that shows up in marijuana tests.

There are four products that you need to use in a certain order in the days leading up to the test. The first of these is this Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo. This is only of the detox shampoos ever mentioned in Macujo Methods Guide.

This is because it is the only one users will rely on. The like the cleaning effect and the added conditioner. They also believe it is necessary for any negative result.

2) Ultra Clean Shampoo

 Hair Drug Test

The aim of these Ultra Clean Detox Shampoo is to work at the “external barriers” of the hair to get down deep to the cortex. This should mean that users can clean deeper with this solution and expose all the toxins and metabolites.

Granted, the product description only mentions removing chemical barriers like hair sprays and styling products to purify the hair. This suggests it doesn’t go deep enough. However, many see this as a great last-minute option. You also have to remember that the company isn’t willing to openly advertise to drug users.

Ultra Clean shares one of the top benefits of Nexxus detox shampoos. It has a great Aloe conditioner to help deal with any tangles from frequent washes and to add a sheen. This is essential for anyone looking to beat a drug test because the hair won’t look as though it has been chemically recovered.

The difference here is that the manufacturers state that people should only use it on the day they need their hair to be clean. This could be a problem for heavy users in need of an extreme hair makeover. It also suggests that the shampoo isn’t all that durable and long-lasting.

3) Test Pass Detox Shampoo

 Hair Drug Test

Test Pass Detox Shampoo is slightly different again. Where Ultra Clean failed to mention any links to drug testing, the target market here couldn’t be clearer. This product works to target metabolites from cocaine, THC, nicotine, and ecstasy.

This makes it highly appealing to users of all kinds. It can also help with other chemical and environmental pollutants. This Hair Detox Test Shampoo coats the hair in an organic film, rather than simply stripping the hair down for intense cleaning. It acts much like a conditioner, which is appealing in a world of harsh cleaners.

This is an important difference for two reasons. First, this means that the hair is not damaged as the substance strips metabolites from the cortex. Instead, the shampoo interacts with the metabolites during their release from the hair in the test. This means that it masks chemicals rather than remove them.

This is appealing in one way, especially for those with the short notice that want to protect their hair. The problem is that it is a little riskier. The metabolites are still there. They are still in the sample, and you have to hope the shampoo can hide them in plain sight.

4) Sarken Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Kit

Sarken Nutrition Stat Hair Drug Test

The Sarken Nutrition Stat Hair Detox Kit is on this list because it is such a popular option. People have been using this product for various reasons for years because of its proven effectiveness. In some ways, it is more complicated than the other methods.

There are two stages here to ensure a deep clean. This means that it goes deep into the cortex to catch those hidden metabolites. It will not strip color or perm from hair, which means that it can provide a more natural result. On that note, it contains natural ingredients rather than harsh, damaging chemicals.

The biggest problem for users is that the results only last for around 24 hours. This means that it is ideal for anyone that needs a quick fix in a discrete manner. It is no good for those that want an intense solution for frequent use.

Anyone frequently washing would need multiple packets, which would not be as cost-effective as some of the options above. This approach shows the complexity of methods and formulas and the choice available. There is something here for everyone regardless of drug type and hair type.

5) Toxin Washes Detox Shampoos.

The final option in this list of the best detox shampoos in Toxin Wash. Toxin Wash is an exclusive formula, which means that it should work in a slightly different way. It works to destroy connections between metabolites in the hair keratin and wash them away.

They also recommend that buyers use this over two consecutive days for the best result, preferably on the day before the drug test. They also promise that it will have no effect on the look of dyed hair, but it may dry out a little.

Users looking for the very best approach do appreciate this level of honesty from the makers. A little dry hair isn’t a big price to pay for natural looking hair that passes the test.

They claim that this leads to a highly efficient solution for reducing metabolites to the right level. There is a noted failure rate of only 4%.

A good reduction is enough in cases of infrequent drug use. More desperate users may need something stronger. There is a 100% cash back guarantee for Toxin wash.

Toxin Wash also offers a range of other product that cleanses the body further. The worth of this depends on your needs.

Are These Detox Shampoos Guaranteed To Work?

The five products here are just some of the options available. These appear to be some of the best-rated detox shampoos. These products have a wealth of positive reviews from buyers that have had to take the hair screening test. However, there is always a mix of comments in online testimonials.

There will be some that love the product because it was easy to use and the passed the test. Then there will be those that gave it 1 star because they failed the test and felt they wasted their money.

Detox Shampoos are not guaranteed to work. Various factors contribute to a failed sample, and no method is 100% perfect.

There will be people that use any of these five detox shampoos and fail. This could be bad luck. It could also be because they failed to stop using or didn’t follow the instructions properly.

Test results can also depend on hair type and the level of metabolites present. Light haired occasional users will always do better than dark-haired habitual users.

So What Is The Best Approach When Searching For The Best Detox Shampoos?

The best approach for anyone looking to get a negative result on a hair drug test with detox shampoos is simple. You have to be realistic about the process and understand the pros and cons.

The Macujo Method is the one that seems to get the best results. This suggests that the Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo is the one to go for. There are certainly enough positive reviews to place it at the top of the list for the best detox shampoos.

In the end, the option is up to you. Choose the one you are most comfortable with, and that will give the effect you need.

If you want a quick fix for a product that won’t damage your hair, then go for Sarken Nutrition detox shampoos. If you are happy to risk the masking method, then go for Test Pass. If you want something a little tougher for a deeper clean, then go for Toxin Wash. Alternatively, you can keep browsing the online retailers to look at other alternatives.


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